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Part of our mission statement reads, We are dedicated to educating our community

As a result, below are listed a few services that Dr. Sebastian Fuksa can provide for your organization or business, as a donation of his time, in order to empower our community to live a higher quality of life.

1) Presentations

The doctor can hold presentations on different topics to provide individuals with knowledge about health, wellness, and nutrition. Presentations are typically 30-45 minutes long. Examples of topics are:

One Minute Wellness 5 keys to Health
Weight loss and nutrition
Benefits of exercise
Breast Cancer Prevention
Digestive Problems
Proper Biomechanics of Weight Lifting
Ergonomics/Safe Lifting
Stress Management
Ear Infections

2) Joint Evaluation:

The doctor can perform joint screenings for individuals to determine if there is a dysfunction within a particular joint in the body. This screening is a powerful injury prevention tool.

3) Spinal Screening:

This screening can be provided by the doctor and the doctor's assistant, using a posture analysis machine called the SAM Unit, in order to inform individuals about their posture, spinal balance, and weight distribution. The spinal screening is a powerful way to detect whether a person may have a potential spinal problem.

If you are interested in any of these services that Dr. Sebastian Fuksa is willing to donate, please call 847-669-6888 to speak with Agnes (office coordinator) to schedule. You can also contact us by email at Precise Chiropractic is also open to any other ideas that would benefit the health of our community.


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